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Getting started

Before you start playing Beast Garden you will need some of our Beasts. At the very least you will need three of them, but we recommend getting about 10 to have a good experience. You can buy Beasts from other players on Atomichub.

Once you have your beasts head over to and login with your WAX Wallet.


Get an opponent

Now that you have some Beasts it is time to look at Trainer Battles. If you do not have any BGALPHA yet you can click on "Free Enemy" to get a random opponent team once per day. If you already have some BGALPHA you can get more opponents by selecting "New Enemy" on the Trainer Battle page.

This will open a new window which allows you to select a leverage. Increasing the leverage increases the cost and cooldown for a battle, but it also increases the potential rewards. This is a feature for players who don't want to spend too much time battling every day and instead prefer to battle only every few days.

Select your preferred leverage and how many teams you want. Then confirm your selection with the "Buy" button. After a few seconds you will receive new enemy teams in your opponent list.


Get to know your cards

Learning the basics about your cards is the first step to victory!


Get Ready for Battle

Now that you know everything there is to know about our Beasts let's defeat our opponent: Each element is effective against one other element and ineffective against another.

As you know from the previous section each Beast has a Defender Element as well as an Ability Element. You need to find Beasts which are effective against your opponents Defender Elements while making sure that the opponent does not have abilities which could be effective against your Beasts.

Once you have chosen your team your cards will start to glow in the color of the rarities. The better the color of the glow, the better you chose your team. If there is no glow at all you might want to rethink your strategy.

Your whole team will gain 25% Bonus Damage for each opponent beast you have an effective ability against. For each enemy beast you have an ineffective ability in your team, you will get -5% Damage for your whole team.

So the best you can do is getting 75% bonus damage for your Team and the worst you can do is getting -15% damage reduction for your team.

The same rules apply for your opponent. So make sure to not have any beasts in your team your enemy could be effective against.



Once your team is assembled you are almost ready to Battle. You can now click on the button "Start Battle", which will open the difficulty dialog.

You can now pick a difficulty. Each 1% increase will increase the overall damage of the enemy team by 1% and the BGALPHA reward for winning by 2%. Another click on "Start Battle" will run the battle and show the Battle Results. Good Luck!



In a Trainer Battle each of your Beasts will attack one random Beast of the opponent. Each of your opponents Beasts will attack one random Beast of your team. It can happen that one Beast gets attacked multiple times.

For each attack the following steps happen:

The system gets a random number between 1 and 3. This determines which of the enemies beasts gets hit by the attack.
The system gets a random number between 1 and 100. If the number is higher than the hit chance of the attacking Beast the ability will miss and deal 0 damage.

If the ability did not miss the system gets another random number between 1 and 100. If the number is higher than the crit chance it is a normal hit. If it is lower or the same as the crit chance it is a critical hit.

The base damage is generated as a random number between minimim damage and maximum damage.
Depending on the targets Defender Element and the Attackers Ability-Element the Effective Bonus is calculated.


Now go and Play!

Now you should all the Basics of our game. Want to know more?