Q4 2021

Early Supporter Sale

The Early Supporter Sale (Beasts) is currently planned for the first half of November and will be roughly one week before the Beast Garden Beta Launch. The Early Supporter Sales for Springs and Plants will come later.

Beast Garden Beta Launch

The Beast Garden Beta will include the following features:

- Trainer Battles (PvE)
- Beast Staking
- Beast Bounties
- Ingame Auctions

At the start of the Beta these tokens will be available:

- ALPHA (used for ingame auctions and evolutions)
- FOCUS (used for participating in Trainer Battles and Tournaments)

In this version:

FOCUS is earned by staking your beasts and Beast Promo Stickers.
FOCUS will allow you to take part in Trainer Battles.
Trainer Battles will reward you with the ALPHA token.
The amount of ALPHA won in a battle depends on how much ALPHA is currently in the pool and when the last player won a battle.
ALPHA can be spent in ingame auctions for Beast Garden NFTs.

FOCUS generation by staking will be greatly increased in this phase as it is not yet possible to earn FOCUS by feeding beasts.
The ALPHA pool is at 100% and will be reduced every month. This means that early players will have the best ALPHA earnings.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass Feature gets released.

WATER token gets released

Springs become stakable. Until harvesting is released they will only be staked with 10% power.

First ALPHA pool reduction

One month after the launch of the Beast Garden Beta the ALPHA token pool will get reduced. Therefor early supporters will be the only ones to experience the full ALPHA reward pool. This pool will get reduced further every month.

Q1 2022

Dust and Crafting

This feature will allow you to disenchant your beasts and craft new ones.

Harvesting and Feeding

Update: Will not be ready in Q1 These features will allow you to water and harvest your plants to earn some Fruits. These fruits will be required for feeding and evolving your beasts as well as creating new plants. Feeding will allow you to give your Beasts temporary Bonus Powers. Feeding will now also be the main source of BGFOCUS. At this time the staking reward for Beasts will get reduced greatly. WATER staking will be increased to 100%.


It’s a good thing that you were able to earn experience for your beasts in the Trainer Battles and fruits by harvesting your plants already. With the release of the Evolving-Mini Game you will need both to evolve your beasts.

Q2 2022


Tournaments will be the second way to earn the ALPHA token. The ALPHA token pool gets split between Tournaments and Trainer Battles. This is the feature where you can battle other players with your beasts.

More information

If you want to know more details about the game, please check out our whitepaper . We will aim to add new beasts of the course of the season which you can only find in the game.