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Q2 2023

Polishing Phase

We want to take some time to work on changes which were suggested by the community to make their life easier.


It will now be possible to level up beasts which will boost the earnings of the team they compete in.

Q1 2023

Beast Garden PvP Beta

Beast Garden PvP enters the Beta stage. This new game mode will allow players to compete for prizes or host their own PvP events. All it requires is a PvP key and no additional assets. Keys can be earned in other features like Trainer Battles or Feeding.

Avatar Sale

A small sale for some very limited Avatars which can be equipped by players.

New UI

The new Beast Garden UI gets released!

Q4 2022

New Beast Garden Info-Website

The new Beast Garden Information Website gets released.


On the first birthday of Beast Garden the first Avatar is given out to players of the game. Avatars can be used in the new UI to show off what you got.

Evolution Damage Buff

The damage for evolutions is changed, so that higher evolutions deal more damage now.

Q3 2022

Beta UI

The first features are launched in the new Beta UI for Beast Garden. This UI will offer a better experience to new players in particular and look more colorful.

BGFOCUS is retired

BGFOCUS is being retired in Beast Garden. Instead BGALPHA is now being used for features that used BGFOCUS before.

Sell-o-Tron Link

The income from Sell-o-Tron (marketplace) is now directly linked to Beast Garden. Sell-o-Tron simply uses its income to purchase BGALPHA off the market.

CPU Potions

CPU Potions can be crafted in Beast Garden and allow players to gain cheap additional CPU on the WAX blockchain for 7 to 10 days.

Shard Packs

Shard Packs are now available in crafting to allow players to craft new beasts without having to disenchant too many of their old NFTs.

Q2 2022

Free Battles

From now on each player gets a free leverage 1 battle per day.


It is now possible to feed fruits to beasts to generate additional BGALPHA


Players can now use their BGWATER as well as their plants to earn fruits. These fruits are required to evolve beasts.


Players can now evolve their beasts into more powerful creatures.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges allow players to compete for NFT prizes every day.

Q1 2022

Plants Sale

Plants are introduced, which will soon allow players to harvest fruits.


Players can now pick a gamertag, which is the name they want to be represented with in-game.

Atomic Assets API

Beast Garden now has its own Atomic Assets API to provide a more reliable experience for our players.

Beast Garden RNG

Beast Garden introduces its own RNG oracle

Dust and Crafting

This feature allows players to craft new beasts and disenchant the ones they do not need anymore.

Q4 2021

Cooldown Reset

Players can now reset the cooldown of their beasts.

Reroll Feature

Players can now reroll enemy teams they do not like.

Spring Sale

The Spring Sale is taking place. Springs will earn players the token BGWATER.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass Feature gets released.

Weekly Leaderboards

Weekly Leaderboards are released, so that players can now see how they compare to others in BGALPHA earnings, highest difficulty or the amount of games played or won.

Beast Garden Launch

Beast Garden launches with the following features:

- Trainer Battles (PvE)
- Beast Staking
- Beast Bounties
- Ingame Auctions

At the start of the game these tokens were available:

- BGALPHA (used for ingame auctions and evolutions)
- BGFOCUS (used for participating in Trainer Battles and Tournaments)

In this version:

BGFOCUS is earned by staking your beasts and Beast Promo Stickers.
BGFOCUS will allow you to take part in Trainer Battles.
Trainer Battles reward players with the BGALPHA token.
BGALPHA can be spent in ingame auctions for Beast Garden NFTs.

Beast Sale

On November 13th the Beast Sale is taking place and sold out very quickly.