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Battle, Harvest, Evolve!

The Play and Earn Monster Battle game on WAX.

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Beast Garden is your Play and Earn Monster Battle Game on WAX.

Fight your opponents in 3v3 battles. Make sure you have the best team composition to ensure victory, win great prizes and gain experience to evolve your beasts into more powerful creatures. Use your plants to grow some food or use the fruits to help your beasts evolve.

Take part in the Daily and Weekly Challenges to determine who is the best trainer of all time. Pick a good strategy if you want to get far and you will be rewarded generously.

How to Play

Play and Earn Monster Battles

If you just got your first beasts for Beast Garden you can click on "Free Enemy" in the Battle Screen. This will give you an opponent to fight and you will earn some BGALPHA. If you need more enemies to battle click on "New Enemy".

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Our Bestiary

Wondering how what the backstory of the beasts are and what makes each of them so unique? Take a look in our Bestiary to learn about their Element, Abilities, Stats and more.


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